Drone Photography


Being able to fly a drone doesn’t make you a drone photographer!!

Luckily we are a group of highly skilled and professional photographers. Along with being skilled drone pilots we know exactly how to get that professional shot that is required by our clients. We use the most up to date equipment and post processing techniques to get you exactly what you need from the air.

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We love taking the drone out for a spin and especially when it is to photograph beautiful scenery for our clients.

Drone Videography


With aerial videography, you get a product that is unique and stands out from a standard video. All our drones have high-resolution cameras that produce high-quality footage. This allows a a high standard and allows us to produce a high standard production for you.

Drone Videography can be used in a variety of industries such as real estate, tourism, construction, surveying or inspections, agriculture, events, and commercial businesses.

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This is an example of Drone Videography work we completed for the works on Mastergeecha FC Grounds.

Here is one of the Drone Photographs we obtained whilst also out filming the works going on at Mastergeecha FC Grounds. 


This was aerial footage that was taken of Mastergeeha fc in September 2018. We flew a drone over the grounds to get this aerial photography
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