Live Video & Video Streaming

Live Video and Video Streaming services are excellent strategies for generating interest with an audience at the exact time you need to. Our clients use live streaming for beaming conferences across the world for them to maximise engagement and message sharing.

Some of our clients use this service to connect remotely based groups for training and development purposes.  Award ceremonies and presentations are also broadcast live via our Video Streaming services, connecting the people that matter to you.

High-Definition Live Video Streaming

Live Video & Video Streaming, Videoclip.Ie

Live Video & Video Streaming

We use high-definition technology to enhance our live video streaming.  This guarantees you the same high quality you would expect from a television network.  Our production qualities will help you to engage an audience in the same way that TV broadcast technology does.

Why you should use our Live Video Streaming Services

Our high-definition broadcasting is carried across all major devices and platforms.  What this means is your event will be accessible in a number of ways.  Social Streaming of live video has become increasingly valuable as more people turn to Social Media for news, social interaction and event viewing.

Social Streaming Services

Facebook Live video streaming is a must when over a billion people can be reached this way.  Shares, likes, and comments will enhance the audience experience of your event and drive engagement.  We have used Facebook Live to stream events, bands and branding stunts for our clients and we can do the same, and more, for you.

Twitter Live Stream

Live Video & Video Streaming, Videoclip.Ie

Live Video & Streaming

Twitter has a broad reach in the same way as Facebook and the conversational nature of this platform creates viral hits on a daily basis.  This makes it an ideal platform to live stream video to a target audience for greater publicity and social participation. We have been involved in live streaming events for clients, in particular where conferences are concerned.  This has allowed a live Q&A session during the conferences by taking questions from those viewing proceedings remotely.

Periscope Live Stream

Periscope is a relative newcomer to the world of live video streaming.  It is a live streaming app launched by Twitter in 2015.  It is generally used as a live streaming tool to allow users to share experiences live and this is why it is so important to your brand.  By live streaming video via Periscope, you can position your brand as both quirky and up-to-minute relevant.  Periscope allows for the creation of closer relationships with customers as it is a great tool for showing behind-the-scenes activities at events.

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