This is an example of a logo animation we created for Tommy the Vet

What is a Logo Animation?

A logo animation sometimes called an Animated Logo Reveal, is a specially designed logo which incorporates animation.  Many logos are simply images which do not move.  An animated logo reveal is a moving image which allows you to create interest by being more eye-catching.

Branding and Logo Animation

A logo animation is a great way to position your website via branding.  A benefit of using a logo animation is that it will boost your Google Ranking.

  • Upload the animated logo to YouTube
  • Your YouTube channel
  • Embed the logo animation on your website

It will improve your SEO, driving more customers to your (online) door.

Branding a Corporate Video using an Animated Logo Reveal

When designing a video for online marketing, an animated logo added to the start will instantly tell viewers who you are. This will also tell what you are all about.  It will also add a professional sense of branding, reinforcing your brand identity and encouraging people to remember who you are.

Increase Brand Awareness at Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Stand out at Trade Fairs and Exhibitions – use your animated logo on a screen so you stand out from the competition.  You will also be able to catch the eye of those likely to be more interested in your business. The results will be more positive interaction with more relevant people.

Presentations and Animated Logo Reveals

Start presentations with your animated logo reveal.  A presentation is an ideal way to make an audience remember who you are.  An animated logo reveal is the ideal way to show them.  You can start and end a presentation using the animated logo reveal and can even display it when you are not talking.

Choose Us to Design Your Animated Logo specialize in creating logos for businesses. Both with still images and animated logos.  We will create your animated logo in a matter of days to your specification.  Please view other animated logos we have created for other businesses.

So, why not contact us now to see what we can do for you. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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