Live Streaming Video from Kerry and Cork

Broadcasting is streaming video from one source to many receivers at a single time. It has the ability to create better brand exposure for most businesses. Also, it yields more engaging content and can lead to meaningful customer interactions.

Live streaming video from Kerry and Cork is part of our core business. Because of this, we can guarantee an affordable and professional service.

With our services, you can professionally broadcast a video stream to pretty much any location you choose. Many of our customers choose to broadcast live video online.

Others use the live streaming TV service at conferences and events.
It enables them to send images to large screens within the building for a greater local audience. It’s a bit like a rock concert where those at a distance are still involved due to the large screens used. Live TV gives you the chance to interact with a large live audience and an even larger online audience.

What we do

First, we will meet you to determine exactly what you need. How many cameras, different camera angles, event locations, dates and times and so on.

When we have those details, we set up our videography equipment several hours in advance. This is so we can test the broadcasting output. Audio must also be checked so this takes a little extra time. We also test the broadband speeds of the service. We will be operating on and the cables being used.

Platforms we Use to Broadcast Live TV

Facebook Livestream

Facebook Live lets you broadcast live TV to your audience on Facebook. You can view comments and likes in real time.

YouTube Livestream

YouTube live stream gives you the opportunity to broadcast on your YouTube channel. It can help to have a greater marketing effect.

In-house/Conference Broadcasts

We take you to live video footage and send it to large screens based in the building where your event is taking place. It allows a much larger audience rather than just those in the immediate vicinity of the broadcast. It also means your messages get in front of a greater number of people.

Twitter Live Stream

A great platform for reaching your audience with live TV. The conversational nature of Twitter makes sharing very efficient. We have long been live streaming Twitter for events. Especially conferences with a Q&A element. This makes it easy for the online audience to get involved. It will definitely increase participation.

Periscope Live Stream

By live streaming video via Periscope, you can position your brand as both quirky and up-to-the-minute relevant. Periscope allows for the creation of closer relationships with customers. It is a great tool for showing behind-the-scenes activities at events. LogoExplore now and begin looking for what you need for your business, advocacies and campaigns to reach more people.

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