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Here at, with our years of experience, specialise in promo videos or some may call it promotional video. We always deliver quality videos for different types of promo videos. These include but are not limited to product videos, company’s services video and company events videos.  

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Promo Videos

Promo videos are used when you need to tell the world about something you are just so overwhelmed about. You just want to share to the world what you are excited about. It is a good way to reach out to your customers and share updates about your business.

When creating promo videos, you have to consider some factors to make it as effective as possible. And you are in luck because we are gonna share to you things that need consideration when making videos.

Promo Video Tips

Prepare a script.

As all videos, you should have a script to follow. Though it’s better if it won’t sound ‘scripted’. Make it as natural as a script could possibly be.

Be clear on what to promote.

Promotional videos are videos that share something to look out for from your services and products. It is a great way to entice your audience about the thing you are most excited about in your product. Just make sure to deliver the message clearly.

Keep it short.

These types of videos should be simple. Try to get a single information clear in the video. It should also be short and concise but should be able to reach your target market’s heart.

When talking about ‘short videos’, it should be two minutes or less. The shorter the video is, the better. The challenge here is to deliver your message clearly in the two-minute span. Tough right? This is where we come it to help.


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