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Facebook live allows you to connect instantly. For we know that Facebook, maybe today, is the most successful social media platform. It makes it easy for anyone to connect and share with anyone online. And having so many people on it, they developed this facebook live.

Having Facebook as its platform, it is very convenient for you as well as your followers. They get notified once your broadcast starts. Making it easier to reach for everyone.

And the best part is, it’s free! But we all know that. But since it’s free, a lot of people do the facebook live. The question is, how do you stand out? Here at wordpress-150349-521298.cloudwaysapps.com, we would share some tips on how to make your videos trending.

Tips on how to make it Trending

Facebook Live, Videoclip.Ie

Facebook Live

Promote before your broadcast.

 They say that those who post teasers about their upcoming facebook live broadcast tend to have higher viewership than those who do not.

Pick the right time and, of course, be on time.

Before deciding on which time to have your broadcast, you must think about your viewers. By what time do they seem available?  Is it in the morning, afternoon, or late at night? You also shouldn’t let your followers wait. Be professional and be on time.

Plan ahead.

Nothing is better than a well-planned video. You would want to look professional in your videos. You won’t want to look sloppy. So, plan ahead.

Get Personal.

Facebook live allows you to see, in real time, your viewers. You can even read their comments live. So, it is such a great feeling for your viewers if you read their comments and answer their questions live. And, by all means, address them by their names.


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