Video Streaming

Video streaming is different from pre-recorded videos. There are things you must consider before opting for video streaming. More preparation is involved than when you do pre-recorded videos. 

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Video Streaming

The following are the things you need to prepare before doing your live video stream.

You must be familiar with your equipment.

Never do a live stream if there is a piece of equipment you’re not familiar with. It is never advisable to use a new equipment right before the broadcast. It doesn’t matter if you have used the same brand before, make sure that you have checked the equipment’s settings.

Test. Practice. Prepare your setup.

Before you have the live stream, make sure that you know just what to do in every instant during the stream span time. Do mock broadcast if possible. Know where to place your lighting and stuff.

Never forget your audio.

Sometimes, you get too indulged with setting up and making sure that the video is perfect and forget that the audio is also important. Just make sure that they can hear you clearly.


Make sure that a lot of your followers know about your live stream. Advertise in every platform possible.

Fast internet connection.

Make sure that your internet speed is fast and is not intermittent. You don’t want to be disconnected from your own live stream video.

Be on time.

One way to attract your audience is to be professional. The first sign that you are professional is for you to honor time. Be on time. Don’t make anyone wait for you to start streaming.

Make it interactive.

Get your audience involved in your video. Get personal if possible. Mention their names. It would make them feel special.

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