Facebook Video

Facebook video live is one way to have an engaging conversation with your followers. It is the best way to interact with your followers in real time. 

Facebook video live also allows you to connect instantly. Having Facebook as its platform, it is very convenient for you as well as your followers. They get notified once your broadcast starts. Making it easier to reach for everyone.

With everyone having the capability to have a live feed, it is very important to make sure that your broadcast stands out from the rest of the world. Here are some tips to take note before you embark on this journey.

Tips to Make an Effective Facebook Video

Facebook Video

Facebook Video


Before having your facebook video live, promote it as many platforms about it. Make it exciting so that people will anticipate your upcoming live video feed. Give it a minimum of a day for promotions.

Strong Internet Connection.

Always make sure you have a very strong connection. WIFI works best for this but you can settle for 4G.

Catchy Description.

As to marketing, you always have to have a great description to capture people’s attention. Also, make it clear so that your audience would know what your broadcast is about.

Respond to comments and mention their names live.

In facebook Live, you can see who’s viewing the video. You can also read comments live. So, interact with them. It would make them feel special.

Longer periods to reach more people.

Have your broadcast for a long time because people might come on at a later time. Just to make sure that not a lot of people would miss it.

Use a closing line that leaves a mark.

Another thing you must think of is the closing spills. You must make sure that your closing message leaves the mark you wanted them to have.

Be creative and go live often.

To have frequent viewers, it is important that viewers would want to go back to your facebook live as often. Make it very informative, creative, and fun to make viewers want to watch more of it.


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