After Effects

After effects is an intimidating program, by Adobe Systems, especially for beginners. Though intimidating, you need not worry because here in, we can give you the after effects tutorial and training you would need for your videos!

After Effects, Videoclip.Ie

After Effects

There is just so much you can do in this Adobe program. This program is used in post-production part of the film making. Also, it can also be used in keying, tracking, compositing, and animation. It can render 3D effects too with or without third party plug-ins!

We, at, are well-experienced with Adobe After Effects. We had done numerous videos using this. With our years of experience, we have surpassed a lot of obstacles and problems and created videos at their finest. We can turn a rather boring video into an exciting one!


With Adobe After Effects, we can achieve what is needed to have a hit video. Wanna try it out? Here are some tips we could share in using the program. It isn’t much, but it does cover the basics.

Some Tips and Tricks in using After Effects

Drag and drop files (from folder directly to the timeline).

You can save time from dragging files from folders and dropping them directly in the timeline.

Utilise Duplicate Layers Feature.

There is a shortcut key for a new layer. Click on the existing one in your project and then just key in Ctrl+D (Command +D). This would automatically add another layer.

Replace Content in the Timeline Faster.

Select the layer you want to replace and hold the Ctrl + Alt (Command + Alt) and then drag the new layer to the preview window.

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