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Live online streaming is another way to get your audience know what your company is up to. Nowadays, there is so much platform to choose from in doing your live stream.

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Live Online

But, before opting for online streaming, you should know the things to consider when doing such. Doing a live online stream requires a lot more preparation than doing pre-recorded ones. For one, you need to be truly prepared. In pre-recorded videos, you could edit out things which you don’t want to be included but in live streaming, you just can’t.

It is a lot more complicated to do a live online stream rather than pre-recorded ones. But you need not worry! is here and is willing to serve you on whatever you might need with your live online streaming.

Below are some tips to consider when doing live online streaming:

Think of the perfect time slot.

Consider your target audience. Think of when your audience is able to view your content. If they are available in the morning, in the afternoon, or else in the evening.

The power of FOMO.

The Fear of Missing Out, according to Merriam Webster dictionary, is the fear of not being included in something (such as an interesting or enjoyable activity) that others are experiencing. You can create teasers to build the excitement needed. Give it at least a day to create excitement for your audience.

Get your audience involved.

Make your live stream interactive. Make them feel that they are part of the event. Have them react to your live stream but all these depends on the platform you used in streaming.


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