Wedding Videos and Marryoke Munster Videos

You may be wondering what ‘Marryoke’ means. Well, it’s a combination of the words ‘Marriage’ and ‘Karaoke’. A Marryoke Video is a special type of Wedding Video where guests and the happy couple mime to a special song of their choice. We shoot the Marryoke Video on the day of the wedding and edit together performances from all of the groups of people who join in.

This makes it look like the participants are performing the song themselves! Lip-Syncing is used to make the video as professional as possible. We like to define our Marryoke Munster Wedding Videos as the story of your wedding – told within four minutes – with you, your friends and your families, as the stars!

What We Offer in our Marryoke Munster Wedding Video Package

  • Your choice of any song
  • Live audio Play-back of the song for guests to sing along with during the filming stage – this helps with lip-syncing
  • Pre-wedding consultation
  • HD video camera complete with 1 crew
  • Professional editing with industry recognised software
  • Copies of the completed Marryoke Video available on DVD
  • Capacity to download a copy of the Video onto a PC/Tablet/Laptop
  • Out-Takes can be included if requested
  • Full Colour Personalised DVD cover

Questions we are often asked about Marryoke Wedding Videos

What will we get out of a Marryoke Wedding Video?

You will receive a professionally filmed and edited music video of your special day and your special song.  It’s a fun part of your day to accompany your main Wedding Video. You will be able to look back on great memories for years to come. It really is a great wedding activity and believe us that everyone gets involved, especially after a drink!

Should we practice the song/performance in advance?

Your Video will be better if lots of people know the words of the song you choose, so think about songs your guests might know. The more familiar they are with the chosen song, the better the performance will be.

Can we Pick Any Song?

Of course you can – some favourites include ‘I’m a Believer’ by the Monkees, ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams and the ever popular ‘Good Looking Woman’ by Joe Dolan.

How long will it take to film a Marryoke Wedding Video?

We usually have the video footage taken in around two to four hours depending on your plans. We try to film the happy couple by arrangement and then head over to the wedding guests to take part.

Marryoke Munster

When will we receive our Marryoke Wedding Video?

The videos are usually available within a week – for an exact date please notify us of the date you would like during the pre-wedding consultation.