What is Video Marketing with Video Ads?

A way to increase your reach is by Video marketing and Video Ads online. Many advertisers use videos to promote a brand during television adverts.  A short video ad is a great tool for many reasons – promoting a brand, explaining the benefits of your product over others or as a way to thank your customers for their continued loyalty.

What can you do with a Video Ad?

You can embed your video ad on your website so customers can view it easily.  You can place your video marketing ad on your YouTube channel and link it to your website; this will increase your Google Ranking and drive more people to your site.  Video ads are also a simple way to share your message via social media – post your video ad on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or any other platform you may use.


Benefits of Video Marketing

Video Marketing is the best way to increase engagement and consideration in those exposed to this type of advertising.  Pay Per Click for a video advert can be adjusted so that you only pay for those videos which have been properly viewed – Facebook allows this to make Video Marketing Ads fairer to a business advertising this way.

How we can help you to develop your Video Strategy

A video marketing is a great tool in conjunction with other aspects of your marketing plan.  Research has shown (Ryan, 2017) that many businesses use several communication techniques to convey the same/similar messages to an audience.  By using more than one technique, business owners feel that they can reinforce their message and create more trust and interaction with customers and clients.

We will design your video marketing adverts and ensure compliance with branding with your organisation’s branding strategy.  We will show you the best places to embed your video and advice on strategies to maximise audience participation on a number of social media channels.  By using SEO tactics we ensure that your website improves it’s Google Ranking and gains more visitors.